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About Us

Since 2006, PGC Catering has built up a successful uptake graph with a daily production capacity of 3000 people and high quality products and fast service. With catering service, it expanded its service network for over 15 years and reached every region of northern Cyprus perfectly. Our PGC Development catering firm has a production area of 3000 square meters and has been constructed in accordance with the standards of the technology which is suitable for food service and develops rapidly. PGC Catering has a broad customer portfolio with its corporate policy of adopting a corporate culture, vision and perfect food safety and food production policy.

In hygienic environments, our company dieticians provide a high level of satisfaction with the rich menu according to basic food principles. Our company is pleased to offer the best to your valued customers with quality certificates such as TSE Service Qualification Certificate, ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate, TS 22000 Food Safety Certificate, TS 18001 OHS-OHSAS Certificate, TS 14001 ISO.

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The basic principle of PGC Catering is to protect human health and to produce and present on quality and hygiene standards. 'Absolute satisfaction' is only provided by providing quality service. Our employees are the ones who will provide our service in an appropriate way. Our human resources applications are primarily aimed at ensuring the loyalty of our employees and then increasing this commitment.

In PGC Catering Human Resource management applications, education is very important. All staff members of PGC Catering will receive in-service training until the day they leave work. We call it as "Lifelong Education". The recruitment staff is in the process of pre-service training before starting work.

In our age, modern enterprises "out-source" their requirements outside their core fields of activity to provide quality service in economic conditions and increase their competitiveness by concentrating their attention on their main fields of activity by using their resources more effectively and efficiently.

PGC Catering; With its 15 years of experience, accumulation and professional service network, it provides food service to public / private institutions, airports, factories, schools and business centers. PGC Catering welcomes customers in their places by producing on site in some projects.

Our success to be a solution partner for all needs in institutional and industrial catering sector is constantly protected by the trust and appreciation of our customers.

From past to present day, with our vision, with our product quality and taste, with our production network technology above standards, and with our sensitivity to our environment and community, PGC Catering has been one of the most ambitious and leading companies in the catering sector.

Founding President

Enes TEKE was born on July 15, 1989 in Şehitkamil district of Gaziantep province. After completing Gaziantep Mustafa Necati Primary School, he graduated from Gaziantep Ahmet Erkul Anadolu Vocational High School’s Accounting Department in 2005. He started his career as an Accounting Intern at a company in the private sector together with his high school senior student education. He pursued his university education on Business Administration Department. 

He has successfully completed the 2005-2006 internship periods and he started his professional life in 2006-2007 as Accounting Officer at a company that provides catering services. Thanks to his outstanding achievement, which he had shown between 2007 and 2009, he quickly rose up at his workplace and continued his career as Finance Manager.

In 2010, he stepped abroad and joined PGC Catering Co. LTD. as a company partner. He later undertook responsibility of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Operations Director of the company. Thus, he has been consolidating the foundations of PGC Catering Co. LTD. with an innovative business mentality in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus In 2015, he purchased all of the company's rights and became renewed and evolving face of the company.

Enes TEKE, as a successful businessman who has signed many projects, aims to carry forward the company with his perfectionist position and prudential vision and to be a pioneer in that sector. He is now the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PGC Catering Co. LTD. and he is proceeding to sign lasting successes with confident and decisive steps.

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Our Chairman's Opinion of Values

As PGC Catering, the goal of the past is to appeal to the prosperity, health and tastiness of service providers at the highest level. From this point of view, we fulfill every stage from product acceptance to cuisine, from production to presentation in a timely manner, with rigor, discipline and seriousness.

PGC Catering, which has an important place in the sector, presents unique presentations in this important global global trend, addressing different tastes by technological developments and appealing by continuous movement and development.

We are at the forefront of creativity, creativity and excellence by presenting both quality assurance and production as well as quality documents such as TSE Service Qualification Certificate, ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate, TS 22000 Food Safety Certificate, TS 18001 OHS-OHSAS Certificate, TS 14001 ISO.

As a company, we act by induction from institutional catering to international catering. We also attach great importance to the satisfaction and happiness of employees and service owners, from the quality management system to the food safety system, from employee satisfaction to the cleanliness control system.

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Why PGC Catering?

Everything must be perfect in the collective food organization, which requires serious responsibility, and we defend the view. Since the first day we entered the service sector, we are striving to provide complete and perfect service in every business that we have entered, by staying true to the principle of health and taste.

As a PGC Catering service, quality, reliability and price policy are our top priorities to serve the most outstanding institutions and organizations of K.K.T.C with our customers, first choice, professional staff and modern equipments. We aim to develop by preserving our ability to be a reliable institution with our existing investments, projects and affiliates. As PGC Catering, we look forward to your visits to our esteemed customers at any time based on the world standard criteria.

PGC Catering you,

We want you to get quality and taste options.

Your institution is operating our kitchen with our own kitchen, our chefs, our service staff and our experienced managers.

We produce the food we produce in our kitchen and the hygienic heat chain meets our kitchen staff.

We produce solutions that can meet all kinds of special needs of your establishment, WE ARE ACTIVITIES OF BANQUET ORGANIZATIONS such as openings, cocktail parties, picnic organizations, travel guides, special meals.

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Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Mission & Vision

Our organization:

  • By meeting expectations and exceeding expectations, products and services are provided at the highest level of customer satisfaction,
  • The opportunities and environments in which employees can develop their skills,
  • In appropriate grounds, where power and cooperation are made,
  • Continuous improvement and development is adopted,
  • The earned values are shared,
  • Leadership is one of the leading organizations that strive to bring the position to the world scale.


Pgc Catering without compromising on our total quality standards; With sustainable growth; We want to be the most preferred and remembering food company.To create a difference, to meet the expectations of our customers according to the values we give to us in the highest quality and consistently, to always adhere to the "best" service policy, to seek the maximum source for the humanity which is our basic capital and to adhere to the principles of work-work ethics and honest work, Adhering to the rules is our main goal

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Our Policy

  • Our employees are the most important building block of PGC catering.

  • While preparing the opportunities and environments that they can develop their knowledge and skills, we make power and business union on appropriate grounds and share the values that are earned.

  • We respect the law, the rule, the environment and human rights. We are constantly improving and improving.

  • We are a company that meets and exceeds expectations and aims to keep customer satisfaction with our product services in the past as well as in the future.

  • We are a company that is sensitive to the environment, attaches importance to business health and safety, and meets the requirements of technology.

  • We aim to provide a regular, supervised and healthy meal that is hygienic, compatible with basic food principles.

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