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PGC Catering is aware of its social, economic and environmental responsibilities as a company. Happiness has embraced the idea of "improving the level of community prosperity, improving the general interest of the society and promoting it with the actions of protection". With this sensitivity, our company has undersigned many social responsibility projects. These projects have protected a leading institutional mission by exhibiting exemplary attitudes in other fields of the sector, both in the fields they are in.

With these in mind,

We shared our food with our little friends in SOS Children's Village.

Every year we regularly share our food with many different institutions and we strengthen our love and solidarity among our friends by giving a smile to many of our friends.

We work together with colleagues who are in need at universities to provide free meals.

At the beginning of each semester, we do need analysis, and many of my friends are having lunch and dinner without paying any fee.

We share food with our friends on the street.

We share with our friends in the streets what is not consumed from the food we cook every day. We communicate with animal-friendly groups created by volunteers and send appropriate food to dogs and cats in the streets.

We have a corporate ethic that is sensitive to the environment and cares about recycling more and more.

We are our greatest friends. In this context, we do not keep our business area clean, we make the waste that is produced in production suitable for recycling, and put it in recycling boxes in related places.

Apart from these, we are aware of our responsibilities towards our customers, our employees, our competitors, our country, our suppliers, our nature and environment, and we have put these responsibilities in the position of building our company policy.

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