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Everything must be perfect in the collective food organization, which requires serious responsibility, and we defend the view. Since the first day we entered the service sector, we are striving to provide complete and perfect service in every business that we have entered, by staying true to the principle of health and taste.

As a PGC Catering service, quality, reliability and price policy are our top priorities to serve the most outstanding institutions and organizations of K.K.T.C with our customers, first choice, professional staff and modern equipments. We aim to develop by preserving our ability to be a reliable institution with our existing investments, projects and affiliates. As PGC Catering, we look forward to your visits to our esteemed customers at any time based on the world standard criteria.

PGC Catering you,

We want you to get quality and taste options.

Your institution is operating our kitchen with our own kitchen, our chefs, our service staff and our experienced managers.

We produce the food we produce in our kitchen and the hygienic heat chain meets our kitchen staff.

We produce solutions that can meet all kinds of special needs of your establishment, WE ARE ACTIVITIES OF BANQUET ORGANIZATIONS such as openings, cocktail parties, picnic organizations, travel guides, special meals.

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