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Job & Career

The most valuable source of PGC is humans. While meeting the needs of our staff, we take care to provide career opportunities by providing equal opportunity to those who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes required by the position concerned and who will adopt and live the values of the PGC family.
In this framework, we have the opportunity to provide career and process-based career management to employees, depending on their area of expertise; We also contribute to their success as potential manager candidates by providing opportunities to work in various functional areas.

Our Practice

'Absolute satisfaction' is only provided by providing quality service. If they are to provide our service correctly, it is our employees. Our human resources applications are primarily aimed at ensuring the loyalty of our employees and then increasing this commitment.

Here are some of the ways we have followed:

  • Creating a corporate culture.                             
  • To create a work environment that gives my employees excitement and pride.                             
  • Ensuring the safety of employees' lives and property.                             
  • To share our employees with our company targets.                             
  • Choosing the right people for the job descriptions with the right people approach to the right job.                             
  • Initiatives to ensure that our staff work long-term in the company.                             
  • Ensure that qualified employees are kept in the institution.                             
  • Ensuring a balanced pay distribution.                             
  • Ensure that my employees are regularly trained theoretically and practically to reach their efficient and effective performance levels.                             
  • Effectively and efficiently apply the performance management system to regularly evaluate the performance of our employees with objective criteria and measurable goals.                             
  • To support their career planning by directing our employees in-house orientation and assignments according to their performance.

Our principles

  • Watching for community benefit.                             
  • Be sensitive to the environment.                             
  • Solidarity for team spirit and openness to sharing.                             
  • Being transparent.                             
  • To act fairly.                             
  • Be innovative.                             
  • Be open to ideas that make a difference.                             
  • Being able to think long term.                             
  • Being a perfectionist.

The qualifications we are looking for during the appraisal process of candidates:
  • Effective communication skills.                     
  • Aptitude for teamwork.                     
  • Result focus.                     
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship.                     
  • Growth clarity                     
  • Managerial competency.                     
  • Customer responsiveness.

We are taking the orientation training program so that our new employees can adapt to the company and work more easily.

Under this program:
  • We promote the community of companies we are affiliated with.                         
  • We provide information about our company's vision, mission and goals.                         
  • We describe our company's human resources strategies and practices.                         
  • We both tell the departments, their functioning and the position they require, both theoretically and in practice.                         
  • At the end of the program, we apply an assessment test which is composed of different question types according to the training subjects.                         
  • We are re-informing about topics that are missing or inadequate according to the scores received.                         
  • We conduct our mutual legal obligations under the supervision of our legal advisors on the personal rights of our colleagues we have started to work with

Competency and Performance Evaluation Process
  • At the beginning of each year, our senior management sets our corporate goals for that year.                         
  • We share these goals with our employees.                         
  • In this direction, we set out the goals that are expected from them during the year.                         
  • We are evaluating how much the employees reach the targets on a monthly, quarterly, 6-month and annual basis.                         
  • Based on the results of the evaluation, the relevant department managers are conducting performance evaluation interviews with their employees.                         
  • We provide the corrective actions necessary for the performance improvements of our employees.                         
  • We record all the evaluations and results in electronic form for our transparency principle.
Performance Management System Application Causes
  • Encourage our employees to work at peak performance to achieve excellent performance within the company.                         
  • Managing our employees' performance with objective criteria and measurable goals.                         
  • To reward.
Career Planning Process
  • After performance appraisal results and competency appraisal studies, we identify employees who have a high level of love, interest, performance and competence in the job.                         
  • We provide these employees with the necessary professional knowledge, skills and development environment.                         
  • We are preparing them for tasks with greater responsibility.

We attach importance to the practice of improving the quality of life of our employees. For this reason, we closely follow each stage of their career planning process.

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