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Today, along with the developing technology, protection and improvement of the natural environment has become an increasingly important issue. The increasing awareness of the rapid increase in the number of the population and the fact that industrialization is starting to pose a threat to the world is becoming increasingly widespread.

The most meaningful inheritance to be left to future generations; The ecological balance is intact, the living beings do not have to migrate, the seeds are not consumed, people are breathing comfortably and healthy despite all the technological developments, children are cheerful and birds fly more freely. Our organization has come up with this awareness and has established and implemented the Environmental Management System integrated with other management systems.

Our environmental management system has been established according to all national and international legislation, environmental effects have been evaluated and all necessary measures have been taken. Respect and environmental awareness that we hear in the world is adopted with education and practice for all employees. Sparkle Reduce the consumption of natural resources; Air, water and soil pollution prevention measures as well as social awareness projects with this awareness is realized.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

To comply with all national and international legislation

To ensure that our employees have environmental and occupational safety awareness through continuous training

Fulfill all the requirements to increase business productivity, ensure the health and safety of our employees

Evaluate potential hazards and take necessary precautions

To take measures to prevent injuries and health disorders, reduce work accidents and increase productivity

To create air, water and soil pollution prevention activities

Ensuring effective use of natural resources

Control waste materials

Our common area of ​​the world is respectful and our future is protected

To protect health, safety and environmental safety and to provide all necessary resources to reach the targets

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