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Our Practice

'Absolute satisfaction' is only provided by providing quality service. If they are to provide our service correctly, it is our employees. Our human resources applications are primarily aimed at ensuring the loyalty of our employees and then increasing this commitment.

Here are some of the ways we have followed:

  • Creating a corporate culture.                             
  • To create a work environment that gives my employees excitement and pride.                             
  • Ensuring the safety of employees' lives and property.                             
  • To share our employees with our company targets.                             
  • Choosing the right people for the job descriptions with the right people approach to the right job.                             
  • Initiatives to ensure that our staff work long-term in the company.                             
  • Ensure that qualified employees are kept in the institution.                             
  • Ensuring a balanced pay distribution.                             
  • Ensure that my employees are regularly trained theoretically and practically to reach their efficient and effective performance levels.                             
  • Effectively and efficiently apply the performance management system to regularly evaluate the performance of our employees with objective criteria and measurable goals.                             
  • To support their career planning by directing our employees in-house orientation and assignments according to their performance.

Our principles

  • Watching for community benefit.                             
  • Be sensitive to the environment.                             
  • Solidarity for team spirit and openness to sharing.                             
  • Being transparent.                             
  • To act fairly.                             
  • Be innovative.                             
  • Be open to ideas that make a difference.                             
  • Being able to think long term.                             
  • Being a perfectionist.

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