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PGC Catering Integrated Management System was implemented in all units of our organization and audited and certified by accredited certification bodies and ensured sustainability.

Standards established to ensure customer satisfaction with the aim of continuous improvement in the units where our organization operates. These standards are integrated by the central quality management team in parallel with all units. We periodically check the quality and food safety with our trainings and kitchen inspections we give to our employees; Sustainability is ensured.

Our Quality and Food Safety Policy

Meeting the demands and expectations of our customers; To provide quality products and services in a timely and complete manner in order to provide satisfaction in the upper level

In order to ensure food safety in our products, in accordance with all legal regulations, using modern technology, production in hygienic environment under control of food engineers

To provide raw materials that will not harm human health and to ensure food safety of our products

To ensure that our employees have a quality and food safety awareness and contribute to our achievement of our goals through continuous training

To work in communication and cooperation with all the circles related to quality and food safety and to provide healthy foods for your responsibilities

To provide all necessary resources for these purposes, to follow up the updates, to increase awareness through continuous training of experienced personnel

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