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The qualifications we are looking for during the appraisal process of candidates:
  • Effective communication skills.                     
  • Aptitude for teamwork.                     
  • Result focus.                     
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship.                     
  • Growth clarity                     
  • Managerial competency.                     
  • Customer responsiveness.

We are taking the orientation training program so that our new employees can adapt to the company and work more easily.

Under this program:
  • We promote the community of companies we are affiliated with.                         
  • We provide information about our company's vision, mission and goals.                         
  • We describe our company's human resources strategies and practices.                         
  • We both tell the departments, their functioning and the position they require, both theoretically and in practice.                         
  • At the end of the program, we apply an assessment test which is composed of different question types according to the training subjects.                         
  • We are re-informing about topics that are missing or inadequate according to the scores received.                         
  • We conduct our mutual legal obligations under the supervision of our legal advisors on the personal rights of our colleagues we have started to work with

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